International Student VISA


Need to apply for a visa? We got you covered! We understand that visa application can be stressful. In our efforts to better serve you, we provide easy and convenient service to make VISA application become a smooth process.
How Long Does My Student Pass Last?
  • Language school students will receive a student pass last for 6 months, renewable thereafter.
  • For certain courses and selected universities, you will receive a visa for the entire duration of your studies, provided that passport validity, insurance coverage and other documents are in order.
  • For other applicants, you will receive a 1-year visa which will require renewal thereafter.
What is the Processing Time Like?
  • The entire processing time is about 3 -4 weeks.
What can I do or not do with this Pass?
  • You can work up to 20 hours a week during school breaks of 8 days or more.
  • Travel around Malaysia.
  • You can rent or purchase a house or a car.
  • You cannot take up a gainful employment or business venture full-time.
  • You cannot take out a loan or have access to public funds.

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