After years of hard work toward your Master’s or PhD degree, the last thing you need is to have your work questioned for imperfect language. Our editing experts will edit your thesis/dissertation to eliminate grammar and language mistakes and enhance its overall presentation.

What we do?

Thesis Editing

Our experienced editors will ensure proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and academic style, while improving clarity, concision, and transitions in your writing. Your edited thesis/dissertation will have good readability and proper academic tone that allow your examiners to assess your research and studies easily. 

Thesis Formatting

We will format your thesis according to your submission guidelines or designated style guide. This includes template application and implementation of page layout, heading, and numbering styles. We can also format your end-list references and check your cross-referencing.

Expert comments

Our editors will insert comments with suggestions for enhancements and request clarifications at appropriate instances. They will also assess your strengths and weaknesses in the Thesis Rating Card and Thesis Expert Summary to help you sharpen your academic writing skills.